Portfolio Samples

(You can see more examples of my Photoshopped art here.)

Background removal, image transform, and brightening samples for e-commerce

If you would like to see more of my image editing for various clients, you can see more samples here.

Photoshopped materials and images for Interiors Mood Board

Ride Through POV I created for attraction Smurfs Studio Tours at Motiongate, Dubai.

For this video I:
-Programmed and timed ride path and visual simulation
-Created all 3D assets and animated movement
-Imported and adjusted art from artist to be compatible in 3D

Tools used:
-3DS Max

You can compare this concept development to the completed version.

NPower/IntegrityWare tutorial I created while at company

For this video I:
-Recorded visuals
-Performed voice over

Tools used:
-3DS Max

Basic Animation Cycle Demonstration Sample


I also like to do other fun stuff too! Like singing:

and acting:

and writing: